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Noite de Nupcias

Say yes to your dream! 

$ 220,00

Romantic package

The most special weekend for couples in love! 

$ 265,00

Especial rates to enjoy your weekend!

$ 127,00

$ 144,00

Enjoy the holiday of Working Day to rest and relax in one of our hotels. Make your reservation! 

$ 140,00

$ 211,00

Valentine's Day

Celebrate all your love in this speacil day! 

$ 211,00

Feriado de Corpus Christi

A holiday to travel and enjoy! 

$ 155,00

We made specials rates for you to travel and enjoy next to your biggest hero!

$ 211,00

Our destinations with special rates to the holiday of 7 of September were released. Check it and book now!

$ 155,00

Children's Day

Pick one of our destinations and enjoy a special weekend with the family. Make your reservation now!

$ 155,00

Holiday November 2

$ 155,00

Proclamation of the Republic

$ 138,00

Black Consciousness

Enjoy the holiday to rest in one of our destinations! Check out the special packages for the date

$ 211,00


Celebrate the new year's coming in one of the best destinations with unmissable rates!   

$ 147,00


$ 211,00



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